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As a longterm UEFA official partner, and since the brand is all about excitement, Nissan took over the social medias with a new claim: #TooExcitedTo. The ambassadors, Gareth Bale and Sergio Aguero, will guide you through this exciting journey of football and cars!


Häagen-Dazs... ain't that a strange name? To reach a young audience, the ice-cream brand took two influencers on a journey: they're going on a mission to trace the origin of its name! Denmark? Brooklyn? France? Let's see what creamy surprises await...


It’s time to (re)discover the illustrious painter on Instagram! With "The Coloring Book", try and reproduce famous paintings, by coloring them from a pattern and a color palette (permanent story), or by using a range of stickers.


The ultra customizable and legendary A110 is back under the spotlights, with a new graphic identity. Sporty and captivating, Alpine engages with its audience through several types of contents: Instagram is its playground, alpine.com its identity.


To make its Globe-Trotter credit card known to young people on Instagram, what could be better for Crédit Agricole than to directly prove its advantages? Two influencers go on an adventure: they have to find and use the most extreme ATM, lost in the middle of nowhere!


It's time to reveal your true Colors with Tropico! To make its comeback on the French market, the famous parrot brand created a digital painting stand, in the middle of a trendy place: the Citadium Caumartin!


Glow, hydrate, relax... The brand put nature on the center of this commercial, with beautiful close-up shots, because what better than nature can take good care of your skin? Just let it enfold you...


When it comes to music, ibis Hôtels are always on track. To celebrate its love for the 4th Art, ibis created the biggest music collaboration of all times, featuring the French rap band 47Ter… and hundreds of followers!